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September 22, 2007



WOW--tasty and sweet in so many ways!

Deborah Dowd

I am impressed- your sausage looks so delish! Beautiful blog, I will be back for more!

Paula from Only Cookware

I have to agree that you have a beautiful looking blog.

I would love to make my own sausages. At the moment I have to be content with buying them from the local farmers market. At least I know they are as natural as possible from there compared to my local supermarket. God knows what's in those.

Deborah Dowd

I have never tried to make my own sausage complete with casings, but maybe I should give it a shot!

bradley original smoker

It reminds me of cooking with my grandmother when I was young. One of the few ways I was able to spend time with her but I will always remember it. I love the photos by the way!

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