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April 14, 2007



Looks tasty! I am a nut for REAL flour tortillas...HATE the stuff in plastic!!! I just tried to make corn tortillas a few weeks back, this I found out was not as easy as flour becasue I don't have a tortilla press, they looked a little crazy, but still tasted good!


I've been working through the Homesick Texan archives for about a week now; which lead me to you. I read her recipe(s) for tacos; now I've read yours; and I'm overpoweringly hungry for the taste of home. I am a transplanted Texan, currently living in the English countryside. Tex-Mex is not just thin on the ground or even bad; it's non-existent. I will definitely be trying the flour tortilla recipe very soon. Happily, I've got a trip to Texas planned for April. I just hope we get a true bluebonnet spring and not the utterly bizarre snowstorm we had last Easter. (That's global warming for you.)

Last thing: I love that you are cooking with your daughter. I cook with my daughters, too.

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